[Trivia] Where is this castle with 365 rooms?

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…1. Spain 2. Monaco 3. Italy 4. The Netherlands

Where is this castle with 365 rooms?

Italy – “Non plus ultra” (Latin for “nothing further beyond”) is inscribed on the palace wall of the Castello di Sammezzano in Tuscany. Believed to have been originally constructed in the 900s, the palace contains 365 rooms! The Castello di Sammezzano once sat on a 450-acre property featuring exotic plants and trees, in addition to fountains, caves, and pools interspersed. The Moorish Revival-style castle was designed with a myriad of interior styles inspired by Byzantine, Persian, Arab, Spanish, and Indian architecture. One of the palace’s many kaleidoscopic rooms, the Peacock Room, is bejeweled in color, and there are plenty more surprises around every corner. The castle has long since been abandoned and is on the list of endangered European heritage sites worth preserving.:

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